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BonassisaLab’s propensity to innovation translates into a series of research projects that are aimed at improving the analysis methods, refining the quality and lowering the costs, two results that give a net improvement to the safety of the analyses. Analyses that are cheaper and safer are reflected in people’s health and this is our greatest reward.

The S.I.MI.S.A. project (Innovative Instruments for the Improvement of Food Safety)
The project, which is specific to the cereal production chain, is aimed at implementing and validating an innovative Multi Method for the individuation – by individual analysis – of agro-chemical and mycotoxin products, via mass spectrometry techniques in order to improve food safety.
The Nitrogen Project
The project is aimed at improving the level of traceability of organic products compared to conventional ones through the analysis of the nitrogen cycle. The innovative analytical method is based on nitrogen isotopes using mass isotopic spectrometry.
The Seafood Chain Project
The scientific process of the project concerns seafood products with a high nutraceutical profile. Furthermore, the project aims at implementing and validating innovative protocols for the analysis and the control of the seafood chain.
The Environment Project
The purpose of the project is to implement and validate innovative environmental analysis techniques for the detection of micro-pollutants in water, in soil and in the air. The project is special because of its use of innovative analytical instruments in order to obtain specific characterization and classification results.
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
The purpose of this project is the accrediting of new microbiological analysis methods that are able to make analysis times quicker, give more precise results and lower the costs for laboratories and companies. The project aims to exploit new methods for the research of pathogens.

Areas of research relative to future projects

  • Antibiotic drugs for animals
  •  Low-resolution dioxins environmental sector
  • Low-resolution dioxin analysis food and pet sector