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safety at work.

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Healthy working for working better.

Analysed matrices and determinations carried out
Sampling, analysis and characterization:

  • special mineral fibres
  • gaseous pollutants
  • dust in various fractions
  • noise risk assessment at the workplace – Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 Title VIII Chap. II
  • sound and vibration measurements
  • measurements for the assessment of levels of contamination / emission into the external and housing environment for noise assessment – Law no. 447/1995 (legislation on noise pollution and related implementing decrees) – the Italian Presidential Decree dated 14.11.97 and the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 16.03.98
  • evaluation of vibrations transmitted to the hand-arm system through instrumental and non-instrumental measurements.


Determination of chemical and biological hazard potential and evaluation of the overall well-being within companies.