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Latest generation technology.
Over 5 million euros
of laboratory investment

Technology - Blab

Its innovation makes BonassisaLab different

The procedures and the machinery used by BonassisaLab exceed the threshold required to obtain the UNI EN ISO IEC 17025:2005 standards. But this success is not enough. In order to reach the level of accuracy of the analytical processes that is the pride of BonassisaLab, every single procedure and piece of machinery is subjected to a further and more rigorous level of testing.
The certainty of the procedures and the efficiency of the equipment are the best possible service that Bonassisa- Lab can offer client companies.

The accuracy of our tests, that can be integrated with the specific Quality Control Report, allow our client companies to pass the most rigorous quality standards, such as those necessary for entering new international markets or for the referencing of its products at the large supermarket chains’ central purchasing bodies.

Besides all the analytical chemical and microbiological techniques, BonassisaLab stands out from the rest because of its highly special research expertise and analysis that are guaranteed by a series of sophisticated complex and innovative technologies, such as:

  • Gas Chromatography coupled with mass tandem spectrometry (GC-QQQ)
  • Liquid Chromatography coupled with mass tandem spectrometry (LC-QQQ)
  • Gas Chromatography in combination with the Purge and Trap system and with mass spectrometry
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Real-time PCR