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40 professionals

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40.000 tests per year

The company - Blab

The Philosophy of BonassisaLab
The story of the BonassisaLab research and analysis centre started a long way back and has now become the biggest private analysis laboratory in Central-Southern Italy. The structure is one of its kind, with over four thousand metre squares of laboratory space, Fifty research experts and the most up-to-date technology available. All of these elements allow us to carry out over 65.000 assessments a year, which works out to an average of approximately 250 tests a day.
Its structure makes BonassisaLab different
The quality and the reliability of the most modern analytical technologies, the excellence and the professionalism of its researchers make BonassisaLab the reference point for research and analysis activities for small and large businesses working in the following sectors: Food, Agriculture, Environment and Work Health and Safety. Sectors in which the certainty and the precision of the results translate into health and wellness. BonassisaLab does not stop at an exceptional present, but works for an even more superlative future. By 2016, BonassisaLab aims to build a national network of excellence that may blend in with and promote the philosophy
that is at the heart of its success.

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Professionalism and enthusiasm: this is what the staff at BonassisaLab represent
The researchers and the technicians working for BonassisaLab represent the biggest investment made by the group. Competent and motivated people are the first step to success. Forty research experts with the best academic backgrounds possible: Chemists, Biologists, Environmental Engineers and Food Technologists who are constantly striving to improve their skills through a scrupulous system of training and revision courses. First class professionals whose best qualities are their passion and enthusiasm for their work.